Clock collectors by country

American clock collectors Resources and sites on US clock collections online, vintage and old US clocks. List of american clock collectors and horologists.

British clock collectors Listing of UK, Great Britain, British clock collectors. Sites of modern and antique English clock collection online.

European clock collectors List of old world clock collections. Links and pages of European clock collectors and horologists of old and antique clocks.

Australian clock collectors Directory of Australian clock collectors. Horological pages of old, vintage, and antique Aussie clock collections.

Other foreign clock collectors Directory of antique clock collections. Online pages and related links on other foreign clock collectors.

Clock collectors by country have been in business for quite sometime now. They have been able to set up websites to display their collections online so other collectors can view them. Most collectors belong to clock associations so they are themselves credible in providing information about their finds.

Most clock collectors by country put up these websites for them to be able to trade their timepieces with the wares of other collectors. Some also post the pieces that they have recently acquired so that they can gain more information about it. These enthusiasts are able to socialize with other clock collectors by country whom they can share tips and tricks of their trade by leaving messages on the sites and discussing them in the process.

Some clock collectors by country also repair clocks and offer training courses for those who are interested in starting repair businesses or are clock collectors themselves who would love to be able to repair their own collection. Collectors may specialize in particular clocks from specific collectors so it would be best to ask them about it.

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