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British collectable clock radiates regal and elaborate details in all angles. This illustrates the refinement and sophistication of nobility and the heritage that goes with it. Although most of these pieces are a bit more expensive than others, collectors still splurge a bit to have a British antique clock grace their homes.

British clockmakers association and clock collector association in UK spread the information of the beauty of their crafts through magazine, books, forum and exchange, auctions and clock museums. Vintage clockmaker and collectors created collector site for auctions.

The types of a British collectable clock range from carriage clocks, wall clocks, bracket and mantel clocks, to the more cumbersome but equally popular longcase clocks or grandfather clocks. There are also clocks that have a more modern flair but are still antique. A British collectable clock is usually made up of lacquered wood such as English oak, pine especially for longcases. Other clocks that are smaller are made of metal finishes, porcelain and glass with embellishments like chinoiserie painting which are intricately hand-painted and engravings or carvings of nature designs.

A British collectable clock can be made as a replica of clocks existing in a particular era. Most of these clocks are commissioned or customized for a particular even, exhibit or institution in memoriam of a person, place or company.

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