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Asian collectable clock is a mixture of influences, the traditional and modern. These days it is easy to know where a particular product comes from because of the “Made in” stamp on the item. You normally see this on modern pieces because most of them are widely reproduced for regular consumers.

If we talk about antique clocks, for some collectors it is easy to distinguish if it is antique or not. An Asian collectable clock looks basically like most of the collectable clocks around the world though only some are said to be really antique and made in Asia because of the influx of Western influence. An Asian collectable clock can be patterned from perhaps European clocks and may look Western but the materials used are really Asian, like ivory, iron and other materials that are native in this continent.

In some Asian countries, their Asian collectable clock can look totally Western but are made specifically for their culture such as nautical clocks, wheel clocks and the like. Most Asians are merchants who trade through sea channels thus their creations reflect greatly with their means of livelihood and travel. Most of these clocks come from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indian, Singapore and even from Russia.

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