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American clockmakers directory of reputable clockmakers from the USA, list of American clock manufacturers & clock making companies.

American clockmakers associations clock makers groups, societies, horological institutes in the USA. Clock making communities in America.

American clock dealers directory of United States based clock stores online, places where you can buy antique American clocks.

American grandfather clocks link to websites related to old American longcase clocks, dealers & grandfather clock makers.

American antique wall clocks directory of websites about vintage wall clock in the US. Old American wall clocks for sale.

American mantel clocks directory for US mantle clocks, clockmakers, buy American mantel clock online.

American cuckoo clocks US based websites selling cuckoo clocks online, buy from American websites old & contemporary, vintage & antique, old cuckoo clocks.

American anniversary clocks America based dealer sites selling American 400 day clocks. Category devoted to US torsion pendulum clocks.

American nautical clocks directory of online stores selling American marine clocks, ship clocks, sea clocks, & marine chronometers. Place where you can purchase US nautical clocks.

American wooden clocks link to wood clocks related websites, US wooden clockmakers, kits & gears, online stores selling wood gear clocks, wood clocks made in the US.

American clock auctions buy American clocks in online auctions, browsing this section, directory of antique clock auction houses based in the United States.

American clocks appraisal link to American clock appraisers, find the value of your old American clocks.

American clock price guide antique clock price guide offer by American based websites, find online the price & value of your old clocks.

American clock repair and restoration websites of horologists & clock experts from the US offering antique clock restoration & repair services.

American clock tools and parts American based websites offering tools & parts to repair antique & vintage clocks, American old clock repair & restoration tools.

American clock forums America based forums & discussion sites about American horology, technical issues about US clocks & other horological matters.

American clock books place where you can buy horological literature related to American antique clocks.

American clock magazines publications & horological periodicals devoted to antique & vintage US clocks.

American clock collectors associations link to US collector clubs, groups & societies devoted to antique American clock collecting & horological topics.

American clock collectors directory alphabetical list of clock collectors based in the USA , clock collectors in the United States.

American clock museums directory of US clock museum websites, discover the famous antique clock collection in the USA.

American collectable clock is definitely a legacy of the American culture embedded in the art of clock making. There are certain American collectable clock makers which have widely produced these collectable clocks throughout generations stamping on it the unfailing American pride and free-spirit.

An American collectable clock exudes a simpler, more classic appeal. It usually is made up of wood, brass and aluminum finishes with a smattering of glass, other metals and other embellishments like carvings. These clocks can be situated on top of fireplaces and tables, along the walls or on the walls and virtually anywhere. There are also figural and statue clocks made of porcelain, marble. This type of an American collectable clock usually depicts ethereal subjects like angels or goddesses or creatures like birds and other wildlife.

Informations regarding antique clock price guide,restoration, tools and parts, forum, book, magazine, association, collector, appraisal, auctions, museums and dealers are all available online and through printed resources. These American collectable clocks include variety designs for grandfather,wall,collectible mantle, cuckoo, anniversary, vintage neon clocks and nautical clocks.

An American collectable clock may not be mantle pieces or wall pieces; they can be the actual furniture with clocks embedded in them. This shows that American clockmakers have made breakthrough innovations to preserve their craft and made sure that the generations ahead will still appreciate the art of clock making.

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