Antique European clocks

Antique European clocks directory, links & resources

Austrian antique clocks directory of old, vintage, antique Austrian clocks. List of sites and links to Austrian clock collections, clock makers & clock collectors.

Belgium antique clocks listing of horological websites on Belgium antique clocks. Old and vintage Belgian clocks, Belgian horologists and clock societies.

Czech antique clocks find in this page list of old, vintage, antique Czech clocks. Czech horologists, clock repairers, dealers & sellers online.

French antique clocks resources, links and sites of antique French clocks. Listing of French old and vintage clock collections.

German antique clocks list of websites on German antique clocks online. Resources of vintage and old Deutsche clocks for sale.

Italian antique clocks find in this page Italian antique clocks. Horological sites on collectible old and vintage clocks in Italy.

Dutch antique clocks directory of antique Dutch clocks. List of sites and related links on Dutch old and vintage clocks, Dutch horologists and clock collectors.

Romanian antique clocks resources of websites on Romanian vintage, old, antique clocks. List of old clock collections, clock makers and sellers in Romania.

Swiss antique clocks listing of horological pages on Swiss antique clocks. Collectible old and vintage Swiss clocks sites and links.