Antique Australian clocks
Antique clock sales, repairs and restorations are provided by Willi the Clockman in Perth, Western Australia.

Bairnsdale Clocks
Bairnsdale Clocks is the combined result of over fifty years of collecting, repairing, servicing and restoring both contemporary and antique clocks

Canterbury Clocks
Developed a reputation for being one of Melbourne’s leading horological centres.

Timepieces Australia
They offer the finest grandfather clocks available in the world today. This longcase Australian collectable clock dealer also sells floor clocks, wall and mantel clocks and table clocks.

Timewise Clocks
Involved in the antique clock business for many years, both in retailing and repair and restoration.

XXXX Antique Complex
One for the largest suppliers of Antiques and Collectables in Castlemaine, Australia